Thursday, August 14, 2014

In loving memory

By the outpouring of stories and condolences, it seems we have all been touched by the life and work of Robin Williams.  I was stunned to learn of his death this week and saddened to hear that it was at the hand of his battle with depression.

Depression is more like a war, really.  A long internal war with lots of fronts and waves of fighting.  I can't help but imagine all the work Robin Williams had ahead of him.  How much more he could have done.

This is another good reminder to be grateful for all the organizations that support Austin artists in very fundamental ways.

In particular, the SIMS Foundation provides mental health care to local musicians.  SIMS has played a significant role in my life.  And I am only one of many they serve.

If you are looking for a good place to make a difference, whether financially or as a volunteer...  please consider the SIMS Foundation in your giving.

If you are an Austin musician struggling with depression, a life change, addiction, recovery, or just want to get a mental wellness tune up, please call the SIMS Foundation at 512-494-1007.  They care.  They exist to help.

Yours in loving memory of Robin Williams,
in honor of health and healing,



Paige Roberts said...

Liked this post :)

Erin Ivey said...

Thanks, Paige!!