Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Girl Power

On our way to an evening event last week, my husband and I passed a long line of girls on a field trip, probably around 10 or 11 years old.  One of them said I looked pretty and that she liked my outfit.  A few more girls chimed in, too.

I thanked them and walked away with such a smile on my face.

Those girls took the opportunity to lift up a total stranger.  I was so proud of their boldness and their example.

At a time when magazines and other media portray a deranged sense of beauty and self-worth, it is up to each of us to encourage each other kindly.  It only takes a simple comment, a positive word. 

In that vein, after several passes by this magazine that was left on our kitchen table, I got tired of the idea of anyone being TORTURED BY HER BODY.  What a crappy message to plant in the psyches of ourselves and our children.

So, I re-wrote the message.  I like this one better:

Pass it on...

(For more girl power, check out Amy Poehler's Smart Girls at the Party.)

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