Tuesday, May 20, 2014

St. Vincent, etc.

Ahhhhh, there it is.  I'd expected it much sooner, but it took St. Vincent's SNL performance to inspire the backlash of WTF confusion about the music on her new self-titled album.  

Broadly, St. Vincent (the album) is a unique commentary on personal and cultural transformation and our relationship with modern technology.

Annie Clark sings and plays her soul out.  This is my favorite album right now.  I've been spinning it nonstop on repeat for weeks.  It might be an acquired taste, but it's totally worth checking out.

A good intro is to see her play the songs at an AMEX UNSTAGED DVF fashion show.  Here's my favorite from that night.  It led me down the rabbit hole.

Incidentally, another amazing album with similar themes - expressed though a completely different sound - is Mind Control by Stephen Marley.

Both of these inspiring artists are making groundbreaking music while authentically honoring their predecessors and influences. They are 2 of my favorites EVER and they are both on tour now:

Stephen Marley comes to Austin next week, May 23 at The Mohawk.  St. Vincent comes to the Frank Erwin Center on December 19, 2014 supporting The Black Keys.

See y'all there!

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