Monday, April 28, 2014

How to be ready for anything (Festival Season)

I've gotten to play some amazing festivals over the years, big and small:  Summerfest in Milwaukee with The Eagles, Monolith at Red Rocks with its high altitude oxygen bars, and the short-lived but fabulous South Padre Island International Music Festival on the beaches near Mexico.

Festival season is HERE, in all its sunburned, beer-drunk, hands-in-the-air, floppy-hatted, strappy-sandaled glory.  Rain or shine.  Over the last few weekends, the band and I have gotten to play smaller festivals closer to home, in the perfect Texas Springtime. 

Let's talk survival

How do you prepare for anything possible in the smallest bag possible?  (a cross-shoulder bag, of course, so your hands are free for waving like you just don't care.)

I believe every Festival Survival Kit should include the following (not counting things that you can wear, like sunglasses, aforementioned floppy hat, and pashmina):
  • ear plugs
  • band-aids
  • sunscreen
  • lip gloss
  • ibuprofen and antihistamine
  • cell phone/camera
  • protein bars (Quest vanilla is my staple)
  • small pen
  • business cards
  • cleansing wipes
  • electrolyte powder or tablets
  • tea tree oil toothpics
  • a small umbrella
  • a lighter
  • and binoculars.  

Sweetwater Wildflower Festival

Playing with the band at Horse Boy Fest and singing with Nakia at Art City Austin


Dear Parents,

For the love of God, please remember that young ears are more sensitive than yours.  If you bring a child to any music venue, make sure you also bring ear plugs or other appropriate sound barrier to protect their hearing.

Your turn

I'd love to know...  WHAT'S IN YOUR FESTIVAL BAG?
Let me know in the comments!   

Hope to see y'all out again soon,

Saturday, April 19, 2014