Tuesday, November 12, 2013

MEOW Con 2013 recap with photos

Ever since the girl behind the counter at Strait Music asked me "what gauge does he play?" when I inquired about buying guitar strings... I am ever more interested in promoting WOMEN IN MUSIC.

Carla DeSantis Black is the maven behind Musicians for Equal Opportunities for Women (a fabulous resource) and its namesake conference, MEOW Con 2013.  Here are a few of my favorite notes, quotes, and pictures from my time there last month.

Suzi Quatro, queen of the well-placed expletive, in her keynote address:
- on the songwriting muse:  "Really, we just take dictation half the time."  Take the time to get quiet and plug in.

Tamara Gal-On, creativity coach:
- "By me being me, I inspire you to be you."  So simple, so true.

Leni Stern, guitar goddess:
- "Bill Frisell told me once, 'All you gotta do is nonstop playing.'"  Play.  Play.  Play.
- "Get your heart not too broken and keep your spirits up.  You're going to be honed like a fine diamond for all the hurt.  You're going to bend the strings and somebody's gonna cry."

My Guild guitar and I had a totally mind-blowing guitar lesson with the incredible Janet Robin.

And got amazing advice from such panelists as...  Elizabeth McQueen, seen here surely making an astute observation reflecting her keen sensibilities and enviable wit. 

By the way, if you are a woman in music (or a music-supporting role), definitely check out WIMPS when you're in Austin.  It's a monthly luncheon where Women in Music Professions come together to connect and make things happen.  It's awesome and you should be part of it.

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Melyssa A. Harmon said...

Wonderful stuff. I love that Leni!