Tuesday, October 29, 2013

I'm a radio DJ!

KUTX gave me the keys to the castle last week.  Here's a link to the archived recording of my first-ever DJ set!  http://kutx.org/my-kutx/my-kutx-erin-ivey

Monday, October 28, 2013

Only 23 hours left!

Thanks to everyone supporting our new Kickstarter fundraising campaign. We've attained our initial goal and are striving for the stretch goal to print vinyl records!

Here's the link to make your pre-order pledge for the music and other great rewards:  http://kck.st/1bbF8OA

Thank you!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

INTRODUCING a new audio interview series: Getting to Know You

There's a brand new interview series called Getting to Know You, featuring the great folks behind the new CD/DVD collection, Whisper of the Moon.

These interviews have been really fun and I've worked hard to make them entertaining, bite-sized, 3-to-5-minute nuggets.
I hope you'll enjoy listening and learning about how we made Whisper of the Moon, from the technical details of recording and filming, to the mystical processes of songwriting and scoring for a string quartet.
You'll also hear plenty of music from the collection.
New episodes every day this week on YouTube or, if you're into it, I made an RSS feed just for you!

Thursday, October 03, 2013

An update on sweet Eve & the "Anchor" single

I wrote the song "Little Star" for baby Genevieve Ann when she was born.  Early last February, sweet 3-year-old Eve was in a bad accident that fractured her back and skull.  Her mother, my wonderful friend Mollie (who is also one of the most talented photographers on earth), writes about it on her blog.  It brings me to tears just thinking about what they went through. 

The song "Anchor" had just been recorded, so I released it on a donation basis, with all the money going to Eve's care at Dell Children's Hospital.  Over the next few months, you helped me raise almost $700 for Eve - not to mention the care and concern you showed with your prayers and well-wishes.

So, I thought you might like an update on how Eve is doing.

Not even a big mean truck can stop a spirit like hers!  Eve spent about 2 months in a "rainbow jacket" brace from her neck to her hips.  Can you imagine how frustrating that must have been?  Eve made the best of it with remarkable courage and patience.  Right before her 4th birthday mid-April, her X-rays showed enough healing that she was able to ditch the brace.

So, what else did she want for her 4th birthday??  To sing and dance and play music for people, of course!  She is so awesome.

Mollie made Eve a sign and let her dress herself for the performance...  and they headed down to South Congress Avenue to do some busking.

You can see all the birthday pictures HERE.

Thanks to all of you who downloaded "Anchor" in support of sweet Eve.

Little star
You're gonna shine bright and far
and when life is very dark
You'll be shining, little star

P.S.  Not a month after Eve's accident, I got to perform "Little Star" for the new Whisper of the Moon project - accompanied by Tosca String Quartet - with Eve's mother Mollie in the live studio audience.  It was emotional and cathartic.  Most of the pictures you'll see from that night are Mollie's.  You can check out the project and more of Mollie's pictures here