Sunday, September 29, 2013

BIG NEWS: Erin Ivey + Tosca String Quartet

I have had the incredible fortune to begin a new project with the renowned TOSCA STRING QUARTET!

Yes, this is the same Tosca who have toured the world with David Byrne (Talking Heads), who were immortalized in Richard Linklater's groundbreaking film Waking Life, who have worked with Bonnie Raitt, The Dixie Chicks, Arcade Fire, etc. etc...

We have made an audio/video collection of 7 lullabies and lightly-dark fairy tales - called Whisper of the Moon.  

Beautiful music to lift your spirits and order your mind. 

In order to finish, manufacture, and release it, I've launched a Kickstarter fundraising campaign.  Please check out the video, pictures, and make a pledge to help make it happen and get great rewards:

Thank you, as ever, for your encouragement and support.  Without you, I'd just be singing my songs into a hairbrush.  Or a dry erase pen.