Thursday, September 13, 2012

New project & New Orleans

New!  New!  New!

I'm excited about an awesome new album, called Dreamy Weather.  All the details are posted on the Kickstarter project page.  Imagine a world where you can make sure there is a market for a thing even before you produce it!!  Well, we're living in it, people.  And I would love to give this great album - recorded LIVE at the renowned Cactus Cafe in Austin, TX - the chance to shine brightly and make your days more dreamy.
Please visit Kickstarter to watch the project video and check out the rewards.
In other news, I've been chosen as part of the Austin delegation to the Cutting Edge Music Conference in New Orleans, Louisiana later this month!  I'm excited to be part of this amazing group of artists.  The last time I was in NOLA was before Hurricane Katrina.  It will be so good to get back.
Hope y'all are well.