Wednesday, May 30, 2012

SXSW 2012: Saturday/Sunday

Well, it's been a while and I must admit that when I don't write things down, they go away. Luckily, I have my calendar and pictures to piece together memories.

Except all that I have on my calendar is CONTINENTAL CLUB. That's basically all we need to know, right? Erin Ivey and The Finest Kind cleaned it up at our official SXSW showcase at The Continental Club on Saturday night. I do remember it being really really really fun and at some point rolling around on the stage floor. What an iconic club and a great band to back me up. I couldn't ask for anything more.

The Austin Chronicle featured us in their listings, too! They said:
Erin Ivey & the Finest Kind 9pm, Continental Club
Austin's overflowing with singer-songwriters, but none are as daring or as playful as Erin Ivey. Last year's Broken Gold wasn't only touted locally but also by L.A. tastemakers Perez Hilton and KCRW-FM. When Ivey performs with B-3 organ, bass, and drums dub trio the Finest Kind, it's uncommon fare, as jazz, soul, and poetry emerge from spaces that are deep and warm and dangerously inviting. – Jim Caligiuri
I also met my west coast manager for the first time that night. Not only is Kenny a great champion for me, he is also a great artist in his own right. Check out his stuff on Etsy.

Sunday was cloudy, then rainy. The perfect post-showcase lounge day. LAST YEAR on Sunday, I found my new favorites at an outdoor Manimal Records show at Cheer Up Charlie.
Jenny O
Baron von Luxxury

I remember THAT like it was yesterday.

Thanks to everybody who came out to support me and the band over SXSW!

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