Tuesday, March 13, 2012

SXSW 2012: Sunday/Monday

The beautiful madness begins! It's like a citywide explosion, with a huge tangle in the middle. Love it or hate it, SXSW international music conference is back again and ripe with opportunities to meet interesting people and find your new favorite band.

I've got a lot of diversity in my program this year, from performance art to a fashion show, and will do my best to keep you posted here on the ol' blog. You can check out the public portion of my schedule at www.erinivey.com.

Bugs and Brass Crawfish Boil
Kicking things off right with crawfish and New Orleans brass, the boys at Strangetribe / Soul of the Boot Productions throw the best parties. Great music, great food, no egos, just a really great time. They have a whole slew of SXSW parties and regularly throughout the year. I highly recommend.

Pecha Kucha
Monday night, I presented at the SXSW edition of Pecha Kucha, a performance format that started in Japan. You present 20 images/slides for 20 seconds each, which is a total of 6 minutes 40 seconds. The theme last night was: Storytelling Across Media.

You don't realize how short or long 20 seconds is until that's all you have to work with! I was fortunate to be able to collaborate with the amazing Teresa Nichta, who lent her stunning photography to the project. I told the story of writing the song "Broken Gold," the title track on my album with R&B/dub organ trio The Finest Kind - which, thanks to the support of my amazing friends and fans, recently made it to #3 on the Shiner Top 10 and an amazing #5 on the Waterloo Top 50 at Waterloo Records. Amazing!

DJ Valida
Headed over to a new club called Rattle Inn for a great set by DJ Valida, in town from Los Angeles. If Valida is spinning, I will not stop dancing.

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