Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Spanish Moon

I had the good fortune to perform before Little Feat a couple weeks ago at One World Theatre. I listened to a ton of Little Feat in high school, back from the Lowell George era, so I was very curious to hear what they sounded like after years of personnel changes. Would they play their old stuff? Would it be stale?

Happy to report that Little Feat opened their set with "Spanish Moon" and then went into a really long jam, which set the tone for the rest of the night really well. I was never sure what to expect, which kept me really interested. They did play other great old tunes like "Willin'" and "Dixie Chicken," but with really creative arrangements and instrumentation. On the other hand, a couple of songs were so new that they broke out lyric sheets and charts. Keyboardist Bill Payne played a beautiful solo rendition of The Yellow Rose of Texas for us, seein' how we're in Texas and all...

It was really cool to see how healthy of a band they are. Not just cruising on their old hits played the same way every time. The set was really thoughtfully crafted. They weren't just phoning it in, as I have seen many long-standing bands do.

So, put on your sailin' shoes and go see 'em. It was an inspiring show. Isn't that what live music is all about?

"I pawned my watch and I sold my ring
Just to hear that girl singing."
-Spanish Moon

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