Sunday, December 12, 2010

I will not pay to check my bags.

Okay, ladies. Here's how it's done.

The Challenge: 1 carry-on bag for a 2-week trip to L.A. and N.Y.C. (from highs in the 70s to lows in the 20s).

The Solution:

2 black tank tops
1 flannel PJ bottoms
2 thin cardigan sweaters
1 wool peacoat
1 large silk scarf (Thanks, Maura!)
2 longsleeve shirts
4 pair socks
5 pair undies
1 bra
1 silk slip
1 wool tights
2 dresses
1 black t-shirt (which i never wore)
1 wool hat
1 pair lined leather gloves
1 pair cowboy boots
1 pair tennis shoes
1 pair high heels
1 box of 20 CDs (in sleeves, not jewel cases)
1 makeup bag
2 pair jeans
1 pair red corduroys
2 books
1 handheld tape recorder (for ideas)
1 phone charger
1 camera cable
1 laptop

I wore the boots, cords, a tank, both cardigans, peacoat, and scarf on the plane, which turned out to be awesome because I was warm and had plenty of pillow action happening.

When I do this again, I will leave out 1 pair of jeans, 1 longsleeve shirt, and the tshirt. Done and done.


Dahnya said...

How'd you do laundry?!

Erin Ivey said...

Good question, Dahnya! Gotta plan ahead and not care about being seen in the same outfit all the time, which I am guilty of even at home.

I did one load of laundry in coin machines in the basement of a friend's apartment complex, about halfway through the trip. I washed delicates by hand in the bathroom sink.