Sunday, July 25, 2010


Aside from Anna Rosenkilde being the most gracious, lovely person who humored all my questions about Denmark, we also wrote a daringly simple and beautiful song together yesterday.

You can hear us perform the song live at a FREE show this Tuesday, July 27th at Momo's in Austin, TX.

Co-writing seems to produce so much more than the sum of it's parts. It was like having twice as much horsepower. Having to communicate ideas to someone else during the songwriting process, as opposed to just thinking them or writing them down, made the process much more conscious - brought it into the light.

We would notice and appreciate things that the other person hadn't even realized she'd done.

Piano is Anna's main instrument and there is a nice full-sounding upright at the House of Songs. In the beginning, Anna played a few chords, I sang a couple of lines and then we filled in the rest together. It was thrilling to breathe life into the song, which could never have been written any other way.

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Lupe said...

Imagine writing a song with someone with no musical experience but who is a musical genius..... :-)