Sunday, July 25, 2010


Aside from Anna Rosenkilde being the most gracious, lovely person who humored all my questions about Denmark, we also wrote a daringly simple and beautiful song together yesterday.

You can hear us perform the song live at a FREE show this Tuesday, July 27th at Momo's in Austin, TX.

Co-writing seems to produce so much more than the sum of it's parts. It was like having twice as much horsepower. Having to communicate ideas to someone else during the songwriting process, as opposed to just thinking them or writing them down, made the process much more conscious - brought it into the light.

We would notice and appreciate things that the other person hadn't even realized she'd done.

Piano is Anna's main instrument and there is a nice full-sounding upright at the House of Songs. In the beginning, Anna played a few chords, I sang a couple of lines and then we filled in the rest together. It was thrilling to breathe life into the song, which could never have been written any other way.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Cowriting: Confession and Digression

Confession: I have never co-written a song before... At least not that I can remember. Which, I guess leads me to another confession, that my memory is terrible.

That's why I write everything down. Otherwise, it all just floats away. Maybe it stems from past vices (that's why they call it high school, right?) and constantly trying to lasso the last little drop out of every day, maybe missing the moments altogether.

This weekend, I get to write it all down with a Danish princess! (part of that sentence may not be true) Singer/songwriter/destiny-manifestor Troy Campbell turned his own existing relationships with Danish artists into an incredible opportunity for other Austin artists. The House of Songs is his collaboration with Danish songwriting guilds that brings Danish artists to Austin for a week of co-writing with local musicians.

My first songwriting session is this weekend, on Saturday. I'm excited to see how it goes... Trying not to have expectations, which usually turn out to be wrong, and nervous because I haven't finished a song in what feels like forever... But, in true form, I can't remember when.

Diversion: And why have I not finished a song in so long? There are lots of song pieces floating around in my heart and head, but I have been keeping so conveniently busy with gigs, finishing the new album, keeping up with webstuff and the Joneses, etc... If I am here on earth to write songs, sing them, and seek transcendent musical moments with other people, what the hell else am I really doing?

I have had three overriding concepts appear throughout my life. They're sketched in triangles through years of journals, over 30 books filled with my life in scribbles of various size, color, and direction across the pages. Music - God - Yoga. It also sometimes looks like Music - Prayer - Movement, or Music - Meditation - Dance. The Music never changes. It's my own personal trifecta. Whenever I stray from it, my life begins to fall apart.

Why so afraid to say what must be said?

I can't wait to see what comes flooding out when I am forced to break the dam.

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Is butter better? and other daily lessons

I love butter. On toast, I would marry it.

Except that I go through a stick of it every week or so and was starting to see it add up on my belly. So, I set out to find a substitute, wary that one could never be found.

Luckily, it didn't take me long because Wheatsville is awesome and the people who work there should win gold medals every day. If there were Erin's Choice Awards, everyone at Wheatsville would get one... and another one would go to...

I only had to try one other (totally disgusting) spread before going to Wheatsville and getting a recommendation for Earth Balance. I think her exact words were "I never thought I would find a butter substitute."

Queue "Earth Angel". Can you hear that tear of gratitude rolling down my cheek?


In completely unrelated news (if I may climb on my pedestal-topping high horse for a sec), when did the word "integral" start being pronounced "in-trick-al"??

Why did nobody run this by me for approval?

I do not approve, no more than I approve of saying "nu-cu-lar" instead of "nu-cle-ar". Just because George Bush set a bad precedent here does not make it okay.

Friday, July 02, 2010

On this day in 1937

Thanks to Duggan Flanakin for the reminder:

a couple of extracts from my very short-lived foray into scrapbooking:

Amelia's round-the-world route and her passport: