Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Hooray it's another album update

IT'S GETTING CLOSE. I'm pinching myself, snapping my fingers, and waving my magic wand like crazy. We're SO close to the community support goal. Definitely pre-order the album if you haven't already. And many many super thanks to all of you MOST FABULOUS folks who have!

Once we sign off on the latest masters (which Brian, Maura, and I are listening through AT THIS MOMENT - they sound freaking awesome and I am psyched to share them with you SOON, dear readers!) the songs will then get assigned their final sequence on the CD, Renee Fernandez will do her amazing design thang, and then we'll be off to duplication.

Did you see the movie "Cyrus" with John C. Reilly, Marissa Tomei, and Jonah Hill? There's a great line when one of the guys passes a demo CD to the other and disclaims that it's not finished yet because it hasn't been mastered. And we laugh. Because that seems to be how it goes.

When people ask me when the release date for the new album is, I tell them "May 1, 2010." And we laugh. Because it's June.


mollie said...

you mean its july ;) but we love ya, and we'll wait!! :)

Rob said...

Thanks so much for the link to " The Artist Way". I just finished the chapters and will commit to the program for 12 weeks. Been close to these principles w/other programs. Next gig the flowers are all yours, babe. RR

Erin Ivey said...

oh right, JULY. did that sneak up on anyone else??

rob, let me know how the program treats you. after 12 weeks you'll be like an inspiration machine.