Saturday, May 22, 2010

Photos from final mixing in L.A.

Emile Kelman and Brian Conway listen to a headphone mix of "Broken Gold" from the forthcoming album:

Here's an attempt at the song order:

I got to sing at Room 5, which is a wonderful Hollywood listening room. Thanks to Emile for letting me borrow his beautiful Martin guitar:

Back in the day when the Room 5 building was the Swanee Inn, Nat Cole played there, too. His bright spirit resonates all over:

And, lastly, the weather here is reeeeally mild. I was all ready for summer down in Austin and this trip has me back in long sleeves again. But, I'm not really complaining:


joy said...

so cool to see the progress of your work! we're excited to receive the album soon. hope your summer will be fabulous.

joven said...

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