Sunday, September 20, 2009

Special Guests

I'll be announcing special guests for the October 1 Musical Kaleidoscope Project daily here and on my website.

So, let's start with the bands:

The Finest Kind
- Hammond M3 organ trio - Rolf Ordahl, Ross Alexander, JJ Johnson
Red Corner Rhymers - Cheryl Kaderli, JC Baxter, Matt Howard, Gregg Irick and then add
Blue Lapis Light aerial dancers,
Ephraim Owens on trumpet,
Mike Henry as Master of Ceremonies,
Jon Dee Graham on guitar,
Steven Doster on guitar,
Joel Laviolette on mbira,
Danny Malone - song & dance man,
Matt Shields - tap dance,
Erin Meyer & Noel Gaulin - projection design,
Brian Standefer - cello, and
Libby Kirkpatrick - voice

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