Friday, April 25, 2008

The Importance of the Subject

"All, In Time" from the Sweet Little E.P. will be in one of the darker scenes in the upcoming film, Ruth's Locket.

(there's a really good explanation of that song in the Mixtank Interview - Track 5 of the Sweet Little E.P.)

Sunday, April 20, 2008

thanks, parties, pix, and existentialism

FIRST of all, let me send out a HUGE thank you for all the love i've been receiving after the recent Perez Hilton shoutout.

and THEN, let me (this is my blog and i do what i want) heave a sigh of relief that the Sweet Little EP release party in Austin is over (i've almost recovered) and was overwhelmingly fantastic. Pictures to come, but here's a teaser...

--UPDATE-- pictures are online HERE!

i heard recently that nothing is worth reading that hasn't been worked on for at least 24 hours. but, that's just one man's opinion and for those of you who are into eating dessert before dinner, i'm all atwitter now. it's another jewel in my crown of self-enshrining dalliances. all these things come in handy, though, since i do not remember most things if they aren't written down somewhere. i wish i'd started blogging, etc. a long time ago (had it been possible in the dark ages of the 'net - aka 1998), because i have pictures of myself in cool places and i have no recollection whatsoever of what i was doing.

so, amidst dreams of hotel rooms surrounded by graveyards, my latest thoughts are of restless impermanence. i'm comforted by the notion that restlessness is appropriate until the spirit is freed from the constraints of its earthly body. somehow, giving myself permission to feel not-entirely-at-home on earth helps a lot.

reminds me of the book, The Van Gogh Blues, about existential depression and meaning. while i don't ascribe to all his assertions, i like Eric Maisel's ideas about creating (rather than seeking) meaning.
"I make my meaning—or else I don’t. All that exists until I actively and mindfully make personal meaning is the possibility of meaning and, while I wait to get started, the experience of emptiness. There is the possibility that I will experience the next hour as meaningful, a possibility that turns into a reality only if I make a certain kind of decision and a certain kind of investment."