Sunday, March 30, 2008

Knockout Bash - April 12, 2008

Birth of the Sweet Little EP

Authentic replicas of these very tickets are now available for pre-sale online... and they even come with a show!

This is Conan (the Barbarian). He was our translator and also very helpful in addressing envelopes.

There were lots of envelopes. They all ended up with an airplane stamped on them.

Renee carved the stamp herself. Her creative spirit is inspiring.

As we finished our 32-hour CD-manufacturing blitz, fireworks started going off downtown in honor of the Sweet Little EP. (They were actually for the opening of the Long Center, but I choose delusion.)

Monday, March 17, 2008

Oh Crap Its SXSW

The "Oh Crap Its SXSW" Mixtape deserves it's own post:


New songs. Live stuff. Banter, even.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

A sunburn is good when...

... it comes from watching great music on a warm, clear Saturday in Austin. Here's a wrap-up of what little I did during SXSW:

Wednesday: Photo shoot with photographer Mathew Sturtevant for upcoming Sweet Little EP album. Mark your calendar for the release party on April 12 at The Scoot Inn!

Thursday: I chauffered Ingrid Michaelson and Allie Moss through an enviable schedule of interviews and performance showcases all around the city. Variety Magazine, VH1, KGSR radio, Waterloo Records, etc. The girls are currently on the Hotel Cafe tour. Here's Ingrid at KGSR studios being interviewed for the Jim Lehrer News Hour:

Friday: I did the final studio recording for the Sweet Little EP in the morning. Then I ran home and recorded/assembled the spankin' new "Oh Crap Its SXSW" Mixtape. You can DOWNLOAD IT FOR FREE RIGHT HERE.

Saturday: checked out The Monocles and my Chicago favorites, Scouts Honor at Monkeywrench Books,

and then played my own set at Love. (Thanks to Cat for the picture!)

Also got to see fantastic performances there by Atash (below), John Pointer, and Shelley King.

That night I dreamed I put my new EP onto floppy disks (the earliest, actually-floppy ones). Then I realized nobody uses floppies anymore, so I'd put all my hard work onto a wasted medium. (Its like my psyche was questioning the relevance and intrinsic value I assign to what I deliver into the world, or the way I share the things I value. Gotta sit with this one for a while.)

Sunday: smothered my maddened shoulders in Lidocaine and hiked Emma Long Park, away from the evaporating mayhem downtown.

Incidentally, if anyone else shares my girlcrush on Zooey Deschanel, she and M. Ward have a band. And they're great!

Thursday, March 06, 2008

on meeting Phil Ramone

Should i ever be so fortunate as to have even a whisper of the success of Phil Ramone, I hope I handle it with as much grace and quiet confidence as the man who makes sure his jacket pockets are big enough to fit the bevy of CDs handed his way wherever he goes.