Monday, February 25, 2008

She's In Love With The Boots

I had the great fortune to meet Trisha Yearwood earlier this month. She was singing for about 30 people crowded into a listening lounge in Austin's Clear Channel offices. While we were talking after the show, I couldn't help but drool over her Old Gringo boots.

Trisha (aka my new BFF) recommends having boots handmade to your own feet at M.L. Leddy's in Fort Worth. Personally, I'd go just to pick up some new chaps. "As stylish as they are functional."

Confession: In my "research" for this post, I might have developed an unhealthy attraction to these OGs because they are great and awful at the same time. Lord, please help me to resist.

1 comment:

your mom said...

LOL sister. those boots are hideously beautiful.