Sunday, October 07, 2007


i sacrificed some of my hearing to have religious experiences.

-first motorcycle trip. 8am to 8pm. 300 miles. breakfast in marble falls, swimming in the pedernales river, lunch in fredericksburg. topped 120mph.

-first Bassnectar show. Lorin was my mentor from the Dallas Music Lab in '05. dancing at The Parish on 6th street for 3 sweaty nonstop hours of shaking up everything inside me.

Rilo Kiley and The Bird and The Bee tonight (Sunday) at Stubbs. We’ll see if they can satisfy my now-heightened drive for transcendence.


Dr. Hectic said...

Did you drive the motorcycle? If not, there is another first awaiting you.

-- Erin said...

i KNOW! i'm so excited for it!