Thursday, October 04, 2007

Eastern Promises?

major music labels/channels/websites cater to the mass audience of lowest common denominator consumers. it seems that Hollywood does the same for film.

with music, i take the time to dig beyond the major label hotties and drivel to search out what i love. i don't have that same drive for movies, so i rarely watch them. recently, however, i was seduced by the hollywood hotties angle and went to see Viggo Mortensen in Eastern Promises. (after watching the entire movie, that is still a terrible title)

EP is billed as a thriller. it is sometimes intense, but not thrilling. the movie is okay. the acting is INCREDIBLE. without such an amazing cast, this movie would have tanked. it relies too much on the shock factor of full-frontal throat-slitting and misses opportunities to draw the audience into the characters in a gripping way. i never really felt like i was part of the action. i was just watching it in a movie theatre.

it would be a film worth seeing for fans of the actors, though: Viggo Mortensen, Naomi Watts, and Vincent Cassel are the headliners. the performances are fantastic.

EP brushes up against the reality of modern slavery. i've recommended the Captive Daughters website here before, but it bears re-recommending.

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KR said...

Speaking of Captive Daughters, give "Trade" a watch... little more close to home