Thursday, September 06, 2007


playing this evening at Triangle Park:

i played my first song-swap on monday night at latitude 30. thanks to andrea marie for organizing it! this is her, jennie kay, wesley lunsford, and seth forster on electric guitar. (see my guitar up front?)

i'm playing wednesdays at Flipnotics (at the Triangle) this month with nathan hamilton. check out his new album, six black birds, and come see the show. there's nothing you'd rather do on a wednesday and nathan is awesome live.

(all photos taken and used without permission)

special thanks go out to jill and keith, who provided the raw materials for a makeshift guitar strap last night when i couldn't find mine in it's usual place. fletcher did SUCH a fantastic job of making sure it wasn't going to come off that if i ever lose an arm, i want to be brought directly to flipnotics so she can re-attach it for me.

after all that, of course, as i was putting my guitar away, i found the strap in the guitar case. this is typical.

typical also being the current MUTE MATH single... they're on tour now and YOU SHOULD SEE THEM! i just bought my ticket for the austin show. (putting what little money i have where my big mouth is.)


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