Monday, September 24, 2007

le premier

hey, look! it's my first (and quite lovely) endorsement en francais at

le monde, il est tout petit.


uneak said...

that's pretty cool, how'd she find you?

Roxana *nouknouk said...

I found you because you found me first, I love the Web ;)
btw, your French is not bad ..

Erin Ivey said...

it's a classic story of multinational Internet triumph. i was searching online for a picture of chocolate (i wish i were kidding) and found one that was so beautiful i had to follow the link. roxana's art blew me away, so i sent her an email saying so. then she checked out my music... and may even design the cover for an upcoming album, which would be FANTASTIC!


Roxana Brongo said...

let me know when your next album is coming then ;)