Monday, September 17, 2007

ACL Festival : DAY TWO

highlights from day 2:
Zap Mama - pronounce in your best French accent. the beautiful Marie Daulne is the force behind Zap Mama. with two white-clad backup singers (each amazing in their own right) and a full band, ZM performed an impeccable worldbeat set of urban-american and african grooves with tight, complex vocal harmonies. beautiful in every way.
favorite song from the set: "Bandy Bandy"

Muse - it is no secret that i love Muse. now, though, i am IN LOVE with matthew bellamy, the lead singer/guitarist/pianist/rock god. i mean, in real life, i'm sure he's a bundle of problems, but on stage, he is PERFECT. this show rocked me. how so much sound can come from three guys and an invisible synth handler is beyond me. all i can say is, get a record and turn it up loud, dance around in your underthings with the shades pulled (or however you like to do it). you won't be sorry.
favorite song from the set: "Stockholm Syndrome"

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Dr. Hectic said...

What? No highlight about sharing a table and pleasant conversation with some random folks over fish tacos? Sigh. Saw your flyer up at Jo's. Preservation Hall was excellent, but you knew that already. Pleased to meet you! - Alex (by the way)