Saturday, September 15, 2007

ACL Festival : DAY ONE

Crowded House - last show of their 6-week US tour promoting the new album, Time on Earth. they played a great mix of new and old songs (including Weather With You, Distant Sun, Locked Out, Don't Dream It's Over, World Where You Live, and Silent House). they sounded good, especially for having played some of those songs a hundred million times. it pains me to admit that CH is from a dated era of pop. i love them all the same. mostly i love neil finn. he had a collection of beautiful guitars with him, like this vintage Gibson:

Favorite Quote: "Thanks, Austin. You're very attractive." -Liam Finn (Neil's son)

M.I.A. - the sri lankan dancehall darling put on the second-most-inspiring show i saw today. i wish i had my camera for this one. it was just her (in a hot pink sweatsuit-type thing), a DJ, and a backup singer/dancer named Cherry. i didn't GET IT before, about MIA... but now i get it. the grooves are infectious, she's all over the stage, and she is constantly connecting with the audience. i loved watching her dance, especially when she and cherry danced in unison. this would be an awesome club show.

Queens of the Stone Age - i was just there because my chair was there and i needed to chill out for a bit. turns out, though, QotSA is not a chill show. i bailed after a few songs, but my brother loved their set "because they rock." i must admit, they had my body moving. it was an unusually hard rock band for ACL and i felt like it should have been later in the day, when the sun went down.

Gotan Project - i'm gonna call it Neo-Tango. French and Argentinian musicians, mostly, in white suits and gowns. classical instruments and a couple of DJs. i'll bet their albums are perfect for a breezy Sunday morning. (i have a friend who didn't like this show. he called it the Gonad Project.)

Bjork - this was the most inspiring show i saw today. it was operatic. there were DJs, a large horn section, costumes, lights, etc... but never at the expense of the music. take all that stuff away and it was still an amazing show. watching bjork is electrifying, but, in the end, she's all about the sounds moving through and around her. her voice has taken a beating over the years, but she is still masterful in using it. her set included Joga, Hidden Place, and Army of Me.

is MUSE the root of the word MUSIC?

Muse plays the Festival tomorrow. I will be there.

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