Saturday, May 27, 2006

A little brotherly death dialogue

Starring my brothers John (24) and Jack (6)

Jack: When you die, can we bury you in the backyard?
John: I think there are laws against that.
Jack: How come?
John: I think for sanitation purposes. I think I’d like to be cremated.
Jack: What’s cremated?
John: That’s where they burn your body and dump the ashes someplace. It’s a little bit easier and less expensive.
Jack: Can we dump your ashes in the backyard?
John: There might be laws against that, too.
Jack: When I die, I wanna be nailed to something.
John: Nailed to something?
Jack: Yeah, you know, like a cross…
John: You want to be nailed to a cross AFTER you’re dead?
Jack: Yeah.
John: I’m quite sure there are laws against that.
Jack: Well, maybe they could just make a cross out of something and put it on my grave.
John: Yeah, that’s a little more common.
Jack: Having a cross on your grave means you mean more to Jesus.

(long pause)

Jack: So… you should probably find a girlfriend.

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