Tuesday, March 07, 2006

more music lab

In Chicago, Paul and I worked on dueling improvements to Gone and I liked his track about a billion times better, it actually made my jaw drop, so I scrapped mine and set up recording gear in the basketball court. The first soundcheck is available on my website. For that take there were two mics set up at one end of the court opposite me. The reverb is crazy. Later Paul added a third mic for a closer sound.

I stayed at the freaky R. Kelly house to work on tracks for Dallas through Wednesday and Thursday nights. It had a shower that sprayed sideways from the wall out of six heads and built-in stereos everywhere. All the windows and skylights had remote control shades. There was an XLR input jack built into the wall of the basketball court, but I couldn’t make it work. It also had a terrible creepy feeling about it. I should have worked on Take the One there, since it’s got that Addams Family thing going on.

Thursday night we went to see Scouts Honor, but got there as they were finishing the last song, I am the Dust, which is my new favorite, so at least I heard that much.

By Saturday night I was really tired. I packed up my stuff and retired to a restless night of drinking wine and taking pictures in the hotel room, which reminded me of somewhere Charles Bukowski would stay, with sirens and strippers milling around.

I saw the Mary J. Blige video for Be Without You, which was beautiful, so I bought the album today. It is so tight. She is amazing.

Many thanks to the phenomenal DJ Kali, for playing me records and loaning a computer monitor to my cause! To Paul, Craig, Lorin, David, and Dave, who made this a great learning experience on a lot of levels. To Cassie, Darren, Koko, Nico, Jaime, Mark, everybody there was so talented and motivated. I can’t wait to see and hear what you do in the future!

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