Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Kicked in the Head

i came home with a headache today and that was BEFORE i got kicked in the head. but, let me explain...

i was helping a neighbor, let's call him Mark Bucheit, move a box spring into the basement of our lovely house. said box spring somehow made it halfway downstairs, but would not go any farther. we resolved to put it outside, but then we couldn't extract it from the stairwell, so it was stuck, and we were stuck. i rested my head against a board on the bottom of the box spring as Mark, on the other side, decided it would be best to break that board (for easier box spring portability) by kicking it as hard as he could.

this sort of thing happens to me inordinantly more than to my friends. couldn't i have been thrown from a gilded merry-go-round or fallen off a ski lift in switzerland or something instead?

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