Tuesday, December 20, 2005

i'm only half listening

i got hand-me-down floor speakers from brad 2 years ago. i love these speakers. i think they sound great. they're like the ones my folks had when i was growing up singing along to the flashdance soundtrack and pretending to be irene cara live in concert every night in the living room. all the connections on the back of one of the speakers got ripped out during the move, so for a month i've been listening to music completely panned to one side. at the same time i'm learning how to record with Logic Express software and getting really interested in how songs are mixed- what goes where in a sonic landscape- and how our ears perceive it. this month has given me a completely different perspective on records i'd heard a billion times before. brad talked about having "big ears" for listening. i think mine are growing and i would definitely recommend half listening for a while...

Saturday, December 17, 2005

my eyeball is not a happy camper

i went back up to my apartment twice for things i had forgotten. i took wrong turns both going to and coming home from work. i didn't have my access badge. i dropped a fruit cup on the ground and it exploded. i broke a string on my guitar and the replacement string assaulted my left eyeball. i didn't know eyeballs could bleed like that. today wasn't all bad, though. i got the skeleton of a new song recorded, got a massage, watched the tribalistas dvd, and took two long baths. when the day starts at 6:42am, one has all sorts of time. and i'd rather be half blind than half deaf, given the choice.

Sunday, December 11, 2005

The Search

"The search for wholeness is counterintuitive and requires us to let go of what we so long to take hold of..."

-Erwin McManus