Wednesday, November 07, 2018

New single - "A World Begun"

In the quiet reflection of the solstice,

we await the renewal of a new year.

I was looking for a song. Something "spiritually alive and therefore transformational," as Ekhart Tolle put it. Something meaningful and beautiful to give to you for the holidays. 

When I heard Billy Crockett play "A World Begun" the day he wrote it, I knew instantly THIS was the song I had been looking for. 

Billy allowed me to be the first to record it. He played guitar and we tracked the song together at Blue Rock Studio in Texas.

Rachael Fox-Evans created the original linocut album art by hand in France.

It is my hope that this song will become part of your holiday traditions. Stream it on Spotify or get it on iTunes or Bandcamp. Add it to your playlists. Light a candle and enjoy a quiet moment leading into the winter solstice.

Monday, February 19, 2018

Women in Music podcast

My friend gfire has started a great new podcast and I was honored to be interviewee numero dos.  Have a listen to it here!

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

'Wild Bird' links and lyrics

TODAY IS THE DAY!  Here are the links to download 'Wild Bird':

- Click here to get it from iTunes

- Click here to get it from Amazon


Tracing the lines
You asked me to know
They never felt like mine
Like a step out of time

Wearing this place
Here in this world
Like a secondhand face
That the years will erase

Oh water, my canyon, my wild bird
My river, my secret, my final word
And if ever they can find us
We'll ask forgiveness then

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

'Wild Bird' movie theme song and video release

Hello, everyone!  I am really excited to finally be releasing this single with my collaborator Carl Thiel.  The official release date is February 28, so stay tuned for all the links and video.



Acclaimed composer teams with "queen of Austin songwriters" for soaring movie theme

AUSTIN, TEXAS (February 16, 2017) – Producer/composer Carl Thiel and singer/songwriter Erin Ivey are excited to announce the release of their new song ‘Wild Bird’ – the theme to Andrew Shapter’s film The Teller and the Truth.
Eagerly anticipated by fans of the film, ‘Wild Bird’ has been unavailable to the public until now. The song will be on iTunes and Amazon on February 28, 2017, along with the entire instrumental soundtrack. A music video for the single will be streaming on YouTube and Vimeo the same day.
Inspired by the heroine’s journey through The Teller and the Truth, ‘Wild Bird’ is built on the emotional and musical themes in the film. Director Andrew Shapter notes, “the music in The Teller and the Truth is a central character. Since the lead characters have no dialog, the music speaks for them.“
"The imagery is beautiful and the story is so mysterious,” says singer Erin Ivey, “I wanted to capture what it feels like to walk around your hometown when you are about to leave it forever.”
Composer Carl Thiel remembers, "On our very first meeting, I played Erin the themes I had composed for the film. A few days later she came back with these magical lyrics that perfectly captured the essence of the story. Her voice gave the song a unique and timeless signature. Once I heard it, I couldn't imagine it any other way.”
The new recording features strong performances from Chris Maresh on bass, Brannen Temple on drums, and Tosca String Quartet, along with Carl Thiel on piano and guitars, and Erin Ivey’s quixotic vocals.
Of the video, renowned Designer/Art Director DJ Stout (Pentagram) says, “That short piece of film was one of the most moving, beautiful things I’ve seen in a long time. Erin’s voice is so hauntingly gorgeous and the film footage by Andrew Shapter is so well crafted. The whole thing is like a lovely dream.”
“The viewer is given a glimpse into a world of love and hidden motives,” says actress/singer Kristin Astourian. “There’s a feeling like you’re watching private scenes that you shouldn’t have access to. The ethereal quality of the vocals and melody heighten the haunting quality of the story.”
Anita Pluymen (Mia Chocolates) called the music “Stunning. Beautiful. It continues to haunt long after the last note fades.”
Carl Thiel and Erin Ivey attend the Austin Film Festival premiere of The Teller and the Truth.

About the Artists

Carl Thiel is a Latin GRAMMY-nominated artist and four-time ASCAP Film & TV Award winner who is well known for his work with Robert Rodriguez. In addition, he has collaborated with Sandra Bullock, Willie Nelson, John Debney, Bob Schneider, Billy Gibbons, Eric Johnson, Grupo Fantasma, Ray Benson, Andrés Levin, Selena, Stephen Barber, Joe Ely, Stephen Bruton, Del Castillo, Los Lonely Boys, Patricia Vonne, Andrew Shapter, Monte Montgomery, Trevor Romain, Powerhouse Animation and many more. He has also served on the Board of Governors of the Texas Chapter of The Recording Academy.
Erin Ivey is “a songwriter of the first order” (Daily News) with a “rare and deeply affecting voice” (KUTX). Her releases have garnered numberous Top 10 and Album of the Year recognitions, along with the Discoveries Songwriting Contest Grand Prize, an inaugural Black Fret artist grant, selection as a Texas Music Magazine Artist of the Year, and performer on the GRAMMY Festival at Sea with Heart and Emmylou Harris. Erin has performed hundreds of shows around the world in a diverse arrangement of solo and band scenarios and as a regular Critics’ Pick at SXSW. She is a voting member of the Texas Chapter of the Recording Academy.

Thank you for listening!

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Well Aware Advisory Council

I am thrilled and honored to join the Advisory Council for Well Aware, an organization which provides innovative and sustainable solutions to water scarcity and contamination in Africa. They fund and implement life-saving water systems to drive economic development and build self-sufficient communities. 

Please consider joining me in supporting their mission. Let's work together to make clean water accessible to ALL.

Read the press announcement.

Learn about Well Aware.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

"Lost Girl" video from sold out show

Thanks to everyone who came out to the Long Center show last month.  What a beautiful night to debut so many new songs!  Noelle Hampton captured this video of "Lost Girl" - a song inspired by Hamilton Pool, one of my favorite Central Texas swimming holes.  Close your eyes and you'll be there.

Monday, October 19, 2015

Love's Inventory

Here's a new song for you and your sweetest!

Love's Inventory

The lyrics are by the brilliant poet Pamela Harrison, a true inspiration. I set her poem to music and was fortunate to record it with two of the most talented musicians alive – Michael Ramos and Alex Marrero.

“All the hidden things you never think to tell…”